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Change A Life

Investing in the youth is the best way to secure our future. Giving a child who cannot afford to go to school or get a good education a chance to excel and accomplish their goals is the best gift one can give! Help support Hope for South Side and help us invest in Chicago’s future!

Empowerment Trust

Hope for South Side is a children’s education empowerment trust in New City, Chicago. Our focus is on assisting the at-risk youths to get apprenticeships and employment opportunities and with this, make their lives better. We will help them to acquire skills that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Education for All Ages

Our vocational training program caters to children of all ages, from the toddlers to young adults. The junior apprenticeship is for children from 11-14 years, apprenticeship from 15-24 years, and adult apprenticeship from 25 years. With this arrangement, the lives of the young ones will get transformed for the better.

Trust fund

For this program to succeed, we rely on stakeholders who contribute a portion of their earnings to our trust fund. We put the contribution in a trust fund for the child the stakeholder will be sponsoring. To make it easier for your sponsored child to work, we encourage you to buy a vehicle for him.

Transparency and Equity

When selecting the children who will be a part of our vocational training program, you can participate in the nominations. This will ensure that there is transparency in our program and that only the needy children get selected. When we change the life of a needy child, we will be changing the future of Chicago.

Building Our Future

You can become a part of this noble cause by donating a vehicle to our vocational training program. Imagine what one dollar would do to a life of a starving child, to his education. When we join together, we will make it happen because, in oneness, lives get changed.

Call us today if you need more information about our vocational training program. Anthony Caridi and his friendly team will
be glad to make you a part of our team. Together, we will make a difference in a child’s life.

Become a Part of Our Vocational Training Program

You can take part in molding the life of at-risk youths through your participation in our vocational
training program. There are several ways you can do this.

Donate a Car

Hope for South Side will appreciate if you donate your old car, van motorcycle or an SUV to our working youths. It will make transportation more efficient and with this, our children will be able to accomplish more.
In our vocational training program, the youths in the apprenticeship and the adult apprenticeship are working. If you are able to donate a vehicle to one of them, it will make a huge difference. Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and ensuring their success is role we all play a part in.

Provide Financial Aid

For the young children from birth, we have a trust fund that we set aside for their education. You can become a part of their education by giving a part of your earnings to us. With your generous contribution, the child will be able to proceed with his education without interruptions.
Worried about the fund’s management? We are transparent in our operations and will account for every dollar you put in our trust fund. You can talk to us at any time and we will respond to any of your concerns.
Investing in our youth will yield a great return,  You can choose to mail your check to us and with this; we will keep the program running. If it’s easier to make monthly donations, we can make arrangements for you to to easily do so. Your financial sacrifice will go a long way!

Participate in Nominating Kids

We want you to participate in choosing the children who deserve to be in our vocational training program. Our aim to to be as transparent and equitable as we can. We want to ensure that we are helping those children that are in dire need and we want you to be a part of that process!

Our Vocational Training Program Apprenticeships

At Hope for the South Side, we believe in empowering the at-risk kids so that they can become independent adults. There are three apprenticeship groups depending on the age of the at-risk child.Here are some of the benefits the youths will get from these apprenticeship programs:

They will be more confident

A child who has been equipped with the right skills will be more confident in what he does. When told to carry out a task in his place of work, he will do it with confidence. When you support us in this case, you will become the positive change that the at-risk child needs.

Increase the children’s potential to earn more in the future

When the young at-risk kid completes his vocational training program, the chances of getting a good job increase. This will enable them to live a good life and have similar opportunities to there peers.

They will be more sociable

When an at-risk child undertakes our vocational training program, he will be able to relate better with others. We train them as a group which will encourage cooperation between them.

Junior Apprenticeships

This is a mentorship program for children aged 11 to 14 years where they will receive training regarding their future career. They will get equipped with knowledge and skills that will make them qualify for their future career. At the end of the program, the children will be employable and able to proceed to the next phase.
Though an apprenticeship is not actual work, the experience will get considered by all future employers and universities. It will make the at-risk kid stand a better chance in the employment industry.
To succeed in this noble cause, however, we need your donation. Spare a part of your earnings to support a needy child and when they succeed, you will have succeeded too. You can make a one-time contribution or become a monthly contributor.


This vocational training program is for the youths aged 15-24 years. These are already young adults who have an idea of what they want to be in the future. To make our vocational training program more transparent, we want you to help in choosing the participants. Call us today and give your recommendations about the child you want to nominate.
Become a part of this transformation by getting actively involved in all our activities. From the selection to the funding, we invite you to partner with us.

Adult Apprenticeships

Our vocational training program also caters for adults over 25 years. These are people who already in active employment or are looking for employment opportunities. Hope for South Side provides employment for the at-risk youths so that they can be more independent.
To support adult apprenticeships, you can donate your old car. This will make transportation easier for the apprentices and this will make them more productive. You will be helping these youths to be on the same level as the children from more privileged families.

Why Support Our Vocational Training Program

We are transparent

From the selection of the at-risk kids to the management of all donations, Anthony Caridi and his team are transparent. If you need any information about our operations, call us and we will make it accessible to you.
We rely on you to nominate the child you want to participate in the vocational training program. This is a clear proof that what we do is legit and you can hold us accountable.

You will help one at-risk kid to achieve his dreams

When you donate your car or finances to our vocational training, you will help in shaping the lives of these kids. You will be proud when you look at what the kids have achieved because of your help.

You will mold the future of Chicgao

When you invest in the youth, you are positively impacting your region. You will change the destiny of our youth through this vocational training program and this will make Chicago better.

You will get a tax deduction

When you help one at-risk kid to achieve his dreams through your donations, your contribution will attract a tax deduction. This will be a win for you as you will pay less to the tax man. The more you support our vocational training program, the less you owe to the tax man.
The number of at-risk youths who need our help is growing by the day and our aim is to help all of them. Unfortunately, we have limited resources at hand and this means we will only help a few. When you donate your car or your finances, you will make the dreams of one at-risk kid come to reality.
The number of at-risk youths who need our help is growing by the day and our aim is to help all of them. Unfortunately, we have limited resources at hand and this means we will only help a few. When you donate your car or your finances, you will make the dreams of one at-risk kid come to reality.

Bring back the smile of one at-risk youth and the world will smile back at you!

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